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Mat Service Overview

Hughes Customat is a leading provider of floor mat rental services.
One thing that sets Hughes Customat apart from the competition is
we offer the largest selection of colors in the industry as well as sizes
from 2 x 3 up to large industrial sizes.

Floor mats are the most efficient way of stopping dirt at the door and
keeping building maintenance costs to a minimum. They are also 
effective internally in high-traffic areas or at service wipe-off regions 
such as main entrances and lobbies.

Although entrance mats are most commonly used, numerous other 
areas require mats. Mats can be used where safety is a must or 
comfort is essential.

Mat Service Benefits

  • Professionally serviced floor mats can catch at least 70% of the dust tracked into your facility.
  • More than 80% of the dust, dirt and grime in public buildings is tracked in from outside.
  • The cost of removing one pound of dirt from a building can easily exceed $500.
  • Only 10% of dirt is removed from floor mats with a vacuum cleaner.

Restroom Services

Improve your image, promote cleanliness, and boost overall customer satisfaction! Providing your facilities with the finest in rest room supplies.

We Provide:

  • All products/inventory
  • Regular deliveries
  • Hassle free
  • Low Cost
  • Reduced waste

Cost Savings

When you choose Hughes Customat service mats, you receive:

  • Quality protection
  • Attractive appearance
  • Cost-effective maintenance

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