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Mat Rental, Sales, and Service

Hughes Customat, Inc. is proud to be the leading provider of floor mat rental, sales, and service. Our large variety of quality mat designs is what sets us apart from our competitors. From small mats to large industrial sizes, we have the perfect mat for any room or area in your business. Mats are a great and effective way of keeping dirt and other grime from accumulating inside your lobbies or high-traffic areas.


Brand your business name on a mat displaying in your building with a high-definition logo mat offered by us. Not only are you showing off your business name in a way that catches the eye, you are also keeping cleaning costs to a minimum.


  • Mats that are professionally serviced can catch at least 70% of the dust that is brought into your building.
  • More than 80% of dust and dirt is brought into your property from outside.
  • The cost it takes to remove one pound of dirt from a building can surpass $500.
  • Vacuum cleaners can only remove 10% of dirt from floor mats, so it's essential that you keep your mats professionally cleaned.

Restroom Products

Ensure the restrooms in your building are always clean with our restroom cleaning supplies. Keeping a clean restroom promotes cleanliness and increases customer satisfaction. We offer and deliver all products needed to keep a high inventory of supplies at the lowest possible cost.

We also Service dust mops, wet mops, towels, air fresheners, and paper products.


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