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  1. Hughes Customat, Inc. “The Original Mat Man” has enjoyed serving our fine customers for over 40 years. We are a local family owned independent entrance mat service company proudly serving the St. Louis metropolitan area. We provide value oriented services and quality products to our customers, supported by dedicated local employees. Our way of doing business has always been to provide the best services and quality products, at competitive prices to create an appreciated value for our customers.

For 43 years Hughes Customat, Inc. has been providing reliable service, honest billing, documented easy to understand service records and invoices, trained bondable service representatives, and a record of good corporate citizenship.

  • We meet and often exceed local and federal statutes for environmental requirements regarding clean water and clean air.
  • We pride ourselves in surpassing federal highway safety standards regarding our truck fleet operations and operator driver training.
  • We acquire and renew all appropriate local business licenses and permits, including those regarding applicable sales and use tax reporting. To further protect our customers, Hughes Customat, Inc. carries more than the state minimum insurance requirements for both Workers Compensation and Causality and Personal Property Liability.
  • We comply with the needs or policies of our customers by promptly obtaining any needed insurance certificate(s) from our carriers.
  • Our involvement in local and regional charities gives our company and its staff a sense of pride and unity.

All service products and matting materials sent to any customer facility is backed by our in place continuous monitoring system designed to ensure the cleanliness and sanitation of all items that the customer may use, rent, or buy. These systems are of course, in addition to the daily house-keeping efforts of the facility manager or maintenance personnel.

As we are acutely aware of the importance our customers require regarding the cleanliness of their facilities, we:

  • Maintain the highest standards of procedure for cleaning and sanitizing all products that we serve, process and launder.
  • Require our plant and route service personnel to sanitize our delivery and material-handling equipment on a daily basis.
  • Have an in-house state-of-art laundry operation, and our offices and warehouse facility is maintained at the highest levels of housekeeping.
  • Use only environmentally friendly wash-processing formulas which include enzymes and germicides that inhibit the growth and transfer of bacteria and mold.
  • Employ a heat-drying process which enables the matting yarn to blossom, regain, and retain the soil-holding and moisture-holding properties of the dirt and wetness associated with tracking.

At Hughes Customat, Inc. we approach our customers’ needs with the premises: “Our customers don’t need mats. They need cleaner, safer entryways, walkways and floor surfaces!” Properly specified floor mats can fill those needs.

As a pioneer and innovator in the field of Professional Mat Services, the efforts of Hughes Customat, Inc. have always been directed toward providing our customers with the newest and most cost effective mat service and related service products.

We have a long history of researching and developing new products in conjunction with leading U.S. mat manufacturing mills. We have been called on by these forward thinking companies to field test, report, and evaluate their new products and services in the development stages.

This involvement and the sharing of results with similar professional mat service companies internationally, allows us the unique opportunity to knowledgeably introduce the best new product ideas as a supplement to the standard products of the industry.

Hughes Customat, Inc. is on the cutting edge of the first step to cleaner safer floor surfaces.

  • All-rubber scraper mats are designed for the initial removal of debris from shoes to eliminate the tracking created by transient foot traffic.
  • Stand on matting products to help reduce foot, leg and back fatigue to increase worker morale and productivity.
  • The recently developed antistatic properties of many of our matting service products has proved to be effective in helping to dissipate static electricity resulting in fewer errors or failures around sensitive electronic or computing equipment.
  • Continued improvements of standard carpet top rubber-backed floor matting include:
    • Options to have up to a 10 x 10 Heat Set Twist Yarn gives the pile on the carpeted portion of the mat a dense or thicker property which allows greater absorption, greater adherence to the floor surface and an overall plush non-industrial appearance.
    • Product Graphics - of message, safety slogan and logos imprinted on floor mats to create a dual purpose matting placement.
    • Messages that direct foot traffic, inform, advertise, instruct or warn of hazards have become common place.
    • Specific Products and Services - individually tailored specifically to help control and contain dust, wetness and debris created by foot traffic.

Our on-staff designers and customer service experts make design suggestions, create art work, and tailor product specifications to meet the customers' needs.

The effectiveness of any mat service system relies on two equally important performance components:
First - Consistent Delivery Schedules. Our customers need to know when they can expect our services to be performed. To maintain consistency, we strive to have the same individual route service personnel perform our on time delivery as scheduled. Our superior benefits and pay packages have allowed Hughes Customat to provide our customers the comfort of knowing reliable honest uniformed service representatives are entering their premises. And all of our delivery vehicles have highly visible graphic signage.
Second - Flexibility. Due to expansion, construction, special functions, inclement weather, etc., the customer’s needs may change. We simplify the process by allowing our customers to increase and decrease the mat placements and service frequency according to their variable needs. Additionally, we offer several convenient billing and invoicing options including credit card payment, to allow our customers the selection of the method best suited for their accounts payable procedures.

Hughes Customat Inc. is proud to serve: our community hospitals, federal, state and municipal governments, professional sports complexes, office buildings, residential living complexes, manufacturing facilities, university campuses, churches, synagogues, schools, auto dealerships, retail grocery chains, distribution centers, freight terminals, financial institutions, and facilities from every business sector.

Our involvement in national trade mat service organizations has given our employees the training necessary to provide the level of competence and service that continually exceed our client’s expectations.

Our direct sales of matting product lines extend nationwide. We take pride in the fact that we are Locally Owned and Nationally Recognized.

Hughes Customat, Inc. “The Mat Man” has enjoyed serving our fine customers for over 40 years. We conduct our business on a friendly and highly ethical basis, always beneficial to both parties, and with mutual respect.

We are ready to begin serving you, NOW!

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